• STATonline - the complete school tracking system for life after levels

    - www.educater.co.uk

    STATonline is a unique and exciting partnership between STAT Sheffield and The Publishing Foundry, the award-winning designers of Educater. It is the only tracker specifically designed to manage STAT Sheffield content.

    STATonline boasts electronic versions of the STAT grids to support planning and assessment. Its intuitive design makes inputting and analysing data simple.

    The flexible reports can be exported into Word and other formats in preparation for pupil progress meetings, governors or Ofsted visits.

    Web-based, it provides live data with automatic backup to SIMS. Users also gain the additional benefits of the Educater platform and a dedicated helpdesk.

    Please call 0300 012 0001 to find out more.

  • Tracker +

    Tracker+ is a bespoke pupil tracking software platform that has been designed and engineered by ICT & Data Services Group. We believe every school is unique and needs software that is as unique as they are and never holds them back. We designed Tracker+ so that every school could have their own bespoke pupil tracking system that was truly simple, powerful and fast.

    Our goal has always been to provide a product that is intrinsically different from our competitors. Our uncompromising approach to design, engineering, innovation and personalised service is the reason so many schools all over the world are choosing Tracker+.

    We would love the opportunity to show you what Tracker+ can do and there’s no better way to experience Tracker+ than through an onsite demonstration. Having said that, we recognise your time is precious and so if you would like a little more information about Tracker+ we invite you to take a short guided tour on our website.